Big River Man | The movie

Back in February 2007 Martin Strel started his attempt to be the first person to swim the entire length the mighty Amazon – considered one of the most dangerous rivers in the world.

Martin, an endurance swimmer from Slovenia, has previously swum the lengths of the Mississippi, the Danube and the Yangtzein an effort to highlight the pollution clogging these waterways.

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Vintgar Gorge | Stunning walk in Bled, Slovenia

Check out this stunning home video of the Vintgar Gorge in Bled, Slovenia.

One of the most popular spots to visit by tourists when visiting Lake Bled, the Vintgar Gorge is a 30-40 minute walk depending on how energetic you are feeling.

Located a short drive or 10 minute walk from Lake Bled, the gorge has been open to visitors for over 100 years.

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