L’Austral | 7 nights


The unspoiled beauty of this rugged coastline bleached by the salt and bordered by crystal clear blue sea transforms Sibenik into a giant aquarium. The nearby thousandyear- old town of Krka was founded by Croatian princes in the 9th and 10th centuries, and today is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Along the Dalmatian coast, this ancient cosmopolitan city and former imperial residence reveals all: fortified walls, towers, temples, palaces and baths. A museum in itself split is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to Diocletian’s famous Palace. Pharisaic Egypt, Ancient Rome, the Renaissance and the present exist side by side in perfect harmony.


You will be enchanted by the harmony which emerges from the old town of Korcula. The medieval architecture of white stone towers offers a stunning contrast to the orange-red roofs of the houses and limpid blue sea. The alleyways, squares and palaces are a pleasure to behold.


Known throughout the world as the Pearl of the Adriatic, the walled city of Dubrovnik built on a rock has preserved its cultural heritage. Palaces, monuments and white stone churches are in perfect harmony. Long considered as a rival to Venice, traces of its illustrious past are to be found throughout the city which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The lovely fortified town of Kotor is to be found at the end of a complex series of bays surrounded by limestone massifs in a magnificent region of Montenegro. An impressive city wall conceals the alleyways and palaces of a well preserved medieval centre. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the town is equally famous for its colourful folk festivals.


A mild sunny climate has earned Hvar the epithet “Croatia’s Madeira”, and is one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic. The old town cradled in the bay boasts many remarkable monuments such as the cathedral, a former Arsenal and noble palaces, all bearing witness to a rich history influenced by Gothic and Renaissance art.


Pula invites you to a journey back in time. More than any other village in Croatia, Pula is a worthy heir to the Roman Empire. Timeless beauty and a truly exceptional architectural heritage is to be found here. More than anywhere else, the ancient ruins seem to have survived the centuries without having aged. You will discover in Pula a culture which dominated Europe for more than five centuries.


In days gone by Rovinj was a peaceful fishing port on the Istria peninsula. Today its picturesque narrow streets lead you down to a marina where fishing boats jostle comfortably alongside modern yachts. You will enjoy wandering round the old town with its sunny terraces.



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