The Panorama | 7 nights

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik went down in history as one of the great sea republics under its former name of Ragusa. In its time, the city was Venice’s main rival. Take a walk through the old town and visit the fortress*, and you will get a clear impression of life in the Middle Ages. The former grandeur of long ago now makes for a bright and picturesque sight.


Korcula, Croatia
Korcula was founded by the Trojan hero, Antenor and is the birthplace of the infamous Marco Polo. The inevitable sights of the Walking tour of Korcula include Marco Polo’s house and the 15th century St. Mark’s Cathedral containing artwork’s of the Renaissance artist Tintoretto and Mestrovic. This is where the traditional game ”Moreska” is played by locals in front of St. Mark’s Cathedral, reviving the age-old spirit of bygone days.


Corfu, Greece
The green island of the Ionian sea, is an open museum of cultures. It was a Corinthian colony in antiquity, but also a Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, French and English dominion. Corfu is a magical island combining the old with the modern, the classical with the eccentric, art with every-day life.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site at Butrint is an archaeological dig, only one-fifth of which has so far seen the light of day. One of the most spectacular finds is a lion gate dating back to the fourth century BC.


Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor is an ancient town in the middle of an enormous bay which will take a long time to drive around. The old town is very pretty with its city walls, lots of churches and old buildings from Byzantine and other cultures, and a large number of places to eat and have coffee.



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